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Women's Imaging Center: Mammography, Ultrasound, Breast MRI, DEXA

Women's Imaging: Mammogram, Ultrasounds, Breast MRIs & DEXA


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Whether it’s time to request an annual mammogram or it’s been a few years since you’ve gone to a screening, Health Images has the expertise and high standard of care to revolutionize your experience. Taking care of your body is always a priority, and you want your doctors to treat your health with the same level of attention as you do. At Health Images, we do just that.

When you schedule a mammogram with Health Images, we ensure that your visit is as enjoyable as possible while providing you with the utmost care and attention. Our centers use the latest imaging technology to give you accurate and dependable results.

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Here to Help Improve Lives

Utilizing our women’s imaging services allows for early detection of possible health issues and improves your quality of life. Our professional technicians will treat you with compassion and put your needs first during every visit.

Health Images delivers a memorable, special-guest experience for women across Denver and Boulder in Colorado. You can expect world-class diagnostic imaging with radiology experts dedicated to women’s imaging for mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, and DEXA services. Your health and quality of life are important to us which is why you can count on us to be by your side from start to finish.

The Health Images Difference

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At Health Images, we are dedicated to providing a better overall imaging experience. We lead the market by offering a distinct difference in the way we do things. This means:

  • Fast results: We are the fastest provider of diagnostic images in the industry, which gives your doctor the ability to react to any urgent needs as quickly as possible.
  • Latest imaging technology: Your imaging is completed using the latest, cutting-edge technology available in this field.
  • World-class radiologists: Our team consists of radiologists and technologists who care about you and apply their comprehensive experience to provide you with the most accurate results.
  • Highly-rated patient satisfaction: Our patient-centered approach allows us to deliver an unmistakable quality of care which is represented by the high number of satisfied patients who walk in and out of our imaging centers every day. No matter what your age, condition or level of need, we are dedicated to putting your needs first.

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Dedicated Women’s Imaging Services We Offer

Here's What you can Expect at Any of our Women's Imaging Centers

woman scheduling screeningWarm and Enjoyable Patient Satisfaction
  • Insurance coordination is completed accurately
  • Your appointment is as convenient as possible (scheduling and timing)
  • You have a memorable, special guest experience
  • Patients are treated with the utmost respect
  • We are committed to being timely, friendly, and helpful
  • Our services are within elegant, light-filled, comfortable offices
  • We cater to your needs with compassion and promise to make your imaging experience pleasant and accurate
Latest in Women’s Imaging Technology

Our centers maintain the very latest in imaging technology, ensuring that your procedure results are accurate and reliable.

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Our dedicated women’s imaging services, including mammography, are offered at many of our Health Images centers found in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. 3D mammograms are available too. For more information about Health Images mammogram procedures, contact our partners in one of the below regions:

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